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for Robloxians.

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Animated RoPro themes

Equip dozens of high quality animated themes!

Toggle between 4K & HD video.

More server filters

Adds the subscriber only server filters.

Filter the server list by datacenter region, best connection, or newest/oldest servers!

More server filters (region, connection, uptime)

Adjust your RoPro theme by selecting hue, saturation, and lightness.

Other users will see these adjustments when they visit your profile.

Avatar Sandbox outfits

Name and save your sandbox outfits.

Additional server info

Adds additional info to each server on the server list.

Hover to see the datacenter region of each server, the experience update version of each server, and the uptime of each server!

Trade notifier

Notifies you of new trades and calculates the value of each side of the trade and total win/loss value.

You can decline inbound trades or cancel outbound trades directly from the notification.

Optionally, you can disable declined trade notifications.

Advanced trade search

Adds a quick dropdown list of the user's limiteds to the trade search bar.

Click on an item to filter the trade window.

Trade value previews

Preview the values of each trade on the sidebar.

Quickly see if a trade is a win or loss.

Account value on profiles

View total limited item value of a user on their profile.

Click the value to open the user's Rolimons profile.

Note: Values are calculated by RoPro using updated item values.

Quick limited search

Quickly visit an item page by typing in the search bar.

Works if you enter an item's acronym or just part of an item's name.

Active trade protection

Monitors your outbound and inbound trades for bad trades and automatically cancels or declines them.

Useful for cancelling missends and declining bad inbounds.

As long as Chrome is open, bad trades will be automatically cancelled within seconds


  • Build any avatar in the Sandbox
  • Equip & share RoPro Themes
  • Track your playtime by game
  • Quick search & quick play games
  • Access recent servers you've left
  • Quickly hop to random servers
  • Filter servers by player count
  • Create an invite link to any server
  • Leave a
    on profiles
  • View mutual friends on profiles
  • View last online on profiles
  • Customize the avatar editor's look
  • Quick equip & unequip items
  • Advanced Body Type editor
  • Comment section on Limited items
  • Add
    Your Discord#1234
    to your profile (13+)
  • View developer's twitter feed on game page (13+)
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ROPRO PLUS $3.99/month Cancel anytime.

• Equip & share dozens of high quality animated RoPro Themes

• Filter servers by connection & region for better ping

• Customize the color, saturation, and brightness of RoPro Themes

• Name & save your RoPro Avatar Sandbox outfits for later

• View the region, uptime, and version of servers

...and even more upgrades! See a full list of features in the RoPro Settings :)

ROPRO REX $7.99/month Cancel anytime.

• Trade notifier with calculator

• Advanced item search in trades

• View trade value on trades list

• View account value on profiles

• Quick limited search in navbar

• Active Trade Protection

Decline bad inbound and outbound trades based on custom win or loss ratio

...includes all Plus features! See a full list of features in the RoPro Settings :)

Fully compatible
with Roblox Plus
and BTRoblox.