Important notice for Ultra Tier subscribers

Due to recent major Roblox API changes, we have made the difficult decision to deprecate the Deals Notifier & Deals Page. Ultra Tier subscribers will keep their tier, but new users will not be able to subscribe to Ultra Tier.

As a result, we will be stopping renewal of all Ultra Tier subscriptions and extending all active Ultra Tier subscription keys to 4x their original length at no extra cost (1 month subscriptions will become 4 month subscriptions, 1 year subscriptions will become 4 year subscriptions, etc).

You will of course still be able to use all Pro, Standard, and Free features, but Ultra Tier features will no longer work. If you would rather receive a partial refund based on the amount of time remaining on your Ultra Tier subscription instead of a 4x extension of your subscription, you can email [email protected] with your email & subscription key.