Version 1.2.0 - 6/6/21 - Our Biggest Update Yet!

TLDR: Sandbox now works for ALL users! Dozens of new general & trading features! New RoPro Trade Panel and more.

General Features

My Most Recent Server Free Tier
Easily rejoin the most recent active server you played on a game.
Mutual Friends Free Tier
See how many friends you share with a user on their profile.

More Mutuals Standard Tier
See even more things you share with a user.
RoPro Badge Free Tier
Adds a badge to the profile of RoPro users & subscribers which shows their tier and how long they've been using RoPro when hovered!

Popular Today With RoPro Users Free Tier
Adds a section to the games page below Popular which shows the most played games today among RoPro users with playtime tracking enabled.
Upcoming Items Free Tier
Adds a section to the Roblox catalog which integrates with the Leaks page to show you unreleased upcoming items.
Deals Notifier Custom Threshold Ultra Tier
Choose a custom percentage off to be notified for by the Deals notifier.

Trading Features

RoPro Trade Panel Free Tier
Adds many new free features to make your trading 1000x more efficient!

Subscriber Only Trade Panel Features Standard Tier+
Game-changing features for RoPro subscribers that any casual or active trader will love.

Item Info Card Free Tier
Adds a super useful card to the top corner of any item in a trade which shows recent price, recent sales, how the item looks on a character, and more!
Trade Age on Sidebar Free Tier
Shows exactly how old each trade is on the sidebar (rather than just the date, as it usually is).
Win/Loss Difference in Center of Trade Standard Tier
Shows the value win or loss of a trade along with the percentage difference between what you are giving and what you are receiving.
Trade Offers Revamp Free Tier
Added four slots for the request side & shorthand symbols such as "Upgrade" or "Rares".

Bugfixes & Miscellaneous

Fixed avatar sandbox bugs for all users
Fixed most played games section bugs on homepage
Fixed sidebar trade values preview bugs - should work seamlessly for all Pro Tier+ users now
Fixed bugs with the trade bot flagging feature
Trade values & sidebar previews now load much faster
Fixed trade notifier, trade preview, etc. causing loading trades to error because of the Roblox ratelimit
Fixed other misc. bugs that many users have requested fixes for
Please submit any additional bugs you find in #bug-report on our discord server: